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Learn My World App Learn My World
Encourage your toddler speaking. Inspire listening and active learning. Motivate repeating. Develop intelligence.Take a photo of a friendly face or anything familiar to your child and record its name, in any language. Tapping on the photo, your child will see the magnified picture, listen to your recording describing the object or person and learn a new word or phrase. It is possible to take a photo of anything that your child will recognize: a toy, some location, sister, brother or the favorite cousin. Privacy policy
Quick Favourites QuickFavourites
Unleash your productivity, your contacts at your fingertip just one swipe away! QuickFavs allows you to create a list of your favorite persons and conveniently initiate any type of contact (phone, e-mail, SMS & iMessage, Facetime) from a single app. There is no need to open the appropriate contact method app (Phone, Messages, Mail or Facetime) and then initiate the contact from that app – now everything is in the same, quickly reachable place.
Hurdy Gurdy  HurdyGurdy
 Write your message, choose font and color and start waving with your phone. Or hold it still and the message will scroll in marquee/ticker fashion. It is possible to adjust message text speed and vibration indicator.